'Qui est à bord ?' stickers, what is it? - Qui est a bord ?

‘Qui est à bord ?’ stickers, what is it?

They are fun stickers to stick everywhere

‘Qui est à bord ?’ stickers are white stickers on a transparent background representing your hobbies and activities.

You can stick them wherever you would like, they are waterproof and UV-resistant!

Where to stick them?

‘Qui est à bord ?’ stickers have been primarily designed to be put on your car’s rear window, but they can go anywhere you’d like as well!

Here are some ideas of where you could stick them:

On the car On the entrance door On notebooks On the letter box On laptops

Easy to apply

‘Qui est à bord ?’ stickers are very easy to apply:

How to apply - Step 1 How to apply - Step 2 How to apply - Step 3 How to apply - Step 4 How to apply - Step 5


Approximate size of sickers for each category:

Approximate size 1 Approximate size 2 Approximate size 3 Approximate size 4 Approximate size 5 Approximate size 6